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Co-Create on Stevens

Every Mercure Hotel is unique and a genuine invitation to the local culture by telling a different story. We are proud to be locally inspired. Each Mercure Hotel embraces local specialities and gives visitors or locals alike the opportunity to immerse themselves in the destination by offering regional produce and authentic experiences.

The adventure extends with Co-Create on Stevens offering travellers the chance to explore the local and hidden stories of urban farmers. Mercure Singapore on Stevens has partnered up with local makers Co-Create Nature to take one on an authentic yet modern journey, celebrating their expertise and know-hows. The demand for handmade products is making farming craftsmanship come back in vogue. Add this to the increasing trendiness of environmentally-conscience labels and social responsibility, and you get the perfect recipe for a resurgence of artisanship.

With our <Eat Your Garden> workshop series, travellers and locals are presented with the opportunity to explore Singapore’s heritage and enjoy the culinary experiences, local regenerative gardening workshops and cooking cases that will be showcased. These workshops were conducted over 4 different weekends in the month of August. In line with the nation’s 54th year of independence, basic and advanced gardening classes were given alongside a composting and cooking workshop.

Eat Your Garden Series 1 – Starting Your Urban Farm
Eat Your Garden Series 2 – Growing & Nurturing Your Urban Farm
Eat Your Garden Series 3 – Regenerating Your Urban Farm
Eat Your Garden Series 4 – Let’s Eat Real Fast Food





Co-Create Nature has a mission centred on empowering every person and every organisation with life skills and knowledge to protect Mother Nature and her children to create a resilient and abundant world by caring for the earth, her children and a return of surplus to Earth and people. We champion co-creating with Nature in growing, designing, learning, playing and healing by working with Nature.

Debbie Han, from Co-create Nature, is an experienced Permaculture Designer & Educator. Her strong desire for nutrient-dense food has guided her passion towards regenerating the eco-system.

Meet local maker, Edmund Gan from Co-create Nature. A certified and experience agronomist, Edmund is an expert in soil management and crop production. He will be sharing more on his expertise at our <Eat Your Garden> Workshop series.


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