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Food Exchange X 古早味

Food Exchange collaborates with 古早味 Ancient Taste, to serve you forgotten traditional recipes in the comfort of your home.

古早味 was established with one goal: to serve authentic, delicious and time-honoured dishes, with a zero waste philosophy in mind.

In the early days of Singapore, the Chinese migrants made delicious delicacies out of “off-cuts” such as fish head, chicken feet, pork caul fat and more.

Together with The Fish Farmer, 古早味 brings you fresh seafood from farm to table. Eat Fresh. Support Local. It’s healthier and a more sustainable meal choice.
古早味’s menu reflects centuries of family cooking, offering traditional dishes, skillfully cooked to perfection. Every single item is carefully prepared to dazzle your senses.

All orders are on a 24-hour pre-order basis.

Food are served warm in claypots or biodegradable packaging.

Pickup or delivery available.

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