Novotel Singapore on Stevens - Family & Business trip hotel - Discover Local Flavours: Pandan Panna Cotta at Winestone

Discover Local Flavours: Pandan Panna Cotta at Winestone

Every Mercure Hotel is unique and an genuine invitation to discover the local culture. At Mercure Singapore on Stevens, the hotel extends the adventure for travellers and locals alike to discover local favourite flavours. Pandan is a common flavour known and loved by many Singaporeans. This tropical plant is commonly used in many parts of Southeast Asia as a form of flavour used in cooking or baking. In our Herb Garden on level 2, in-house chefs take the time to grow, nurture and harvest various local plants and herbs that can be used in our daily menu and Pandan is one of these.

Our local chef, Chef Eugene Li, is not only the Head Chef of Winestone but also a passionate local who is constantly exploring new recipes and dishes whereby he can infuse local plants and herbs into Western culinary. Exclusively for the month of September, savour our latest Pandan Panna Cotta, a creamy Pandan-flavoured Panna Cotta served with sweet corn, homemade kidney bean paste and pandan leaf, available in Winestone at $14.00++ each.


Pandan Panna Cotta



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