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Winestone Takeaway

Feast up in the comfort of your home with the newly-introduced menu selection that our dedicated chefs have curated specially for your gourmet appetites. Enthused by the gastronomic wonders of Europe, Winestone’s menu has been reimagined to bring diners on a fresh epicurean journey by the passionate culinary team who continuously fine-tuned the signature hearty Winestone dishes while experimenting on new recipes to satisfy guests palates.

The indulgent selection available includes a newly-introduced array of mains, burgers, pizzas and wraps. Take delight as you dig into the hearty dishes such as the Winestone Crispy Wasabi Chicken Burger, a crispy deep-fried chicken layered with handmade wasabi mayonnaise, juice tomatoes, sliced onions, melted American cheddar cheese and crunch lettuce, served with fries and salad. Be sure to lay your hands on the new wraps – Winestone Lamb Seekh Wrap includes oven-roasted cumin-marinated lamb with jalepeño and onion pickles in a tortilla wrap.

Food tastes better when shared. To make your gatherings and celebrations at home a tastier affair, be sure to check out the range of combo meals, catered for a delicious time with good company. We want to make sure there is something for everyone with our set meals for one, two, four or a family.

Feel free to pair your favourite indulgence with quality wines made even more affordable as we offer 50% discount off all retail wines. Our goal is the same – to take you away with our takeaway menu.

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Available for pick-ups and delivery daily from 12:00pm until 9:30pm.


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