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Lo Hei

“Lo Hei” is an act of tossing the Yusheng, a popular dish when celebrating the Lunar New Year in Singapore. It is a traditional custom where ingredients are added to a large plate while saying auspicious phrases before the tossing and often eaten at the start of meals involving gatherings with family and friends over the 15-day celebration period.

Discover how you can Lo Hei with a list of auspicious greetings to create a prosperous and auspicious mood!

Guide to “Lo Hei” – Tossing the Yusheng

Step 1: At the table

鱼生上台, 恭喜发财! “Yú sheng shàng tái, gong xi fa cái!”
Happy new year to one and all!

Step 2: Lime

大吉大利, 大丰收! “Dà jí dà lì, dà feng shou!”
Good luck and bountiful auspicious returns!

Step 3 : Raw Fish

年年有余, 兴团圆! “Nián nián you yú, xìng tuán yuán!”
Abundance and surplus throughout the year!

Step 4: Sprinkle Pepper and Five Spice Powder

双喜临门 福安康! “Shuang xi lín mén, fú an kang!”
Double happiness and abundance of blessings!

Step 5: Drizzle the oil in circles

生意兴隆 通四海! “Sheng yì xing lóng, tong sì hai!”
Increase in profits and a smooth flow of great wealth!

Step 6: Plum Sauce

甜甜蜜蜜, 合家欢! “Tián tián mì mì, hé jia huan!”
May sweetness and happiness surround you and your family!

Step 7: Peanuts

爆竹一响, 迎新春! “Bào zhú yi xiang, yíng xin chun!”
Welcoming the auspicious new year with firecrackers!

Step 8: Sprinkle Sesame Seeds

包罗万象,万事兴! “Bao luó wàn xiàng, wàn shì xing!”
Success in a million things!

Step 9: Pok Chui Crackers (Deep-Fried Flour Crisps)

遍地黄金, 添富贵! “Bian dì huáng jin, tian fù guì!”
Abundance of wealth with overflowing prosperity!

Step 10: Toss the Yusheng

请举起筷子捞起, 捞个风生水起, 步步高升!
“Qing ju qi kuài zi lao qi, lao gè feng sheng shui qi, bù bù gao sheng”
May you toss to goodness and prosperity!


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