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Novotel X Calm

#TimeIsOnYourSide at Novotel

Travel can be stressful, whether it’s the journey or being in a new environment, which is why Novotel and Calm are teaming up to help people relax their minds and their bodies.

Together, we’ll work to offer busy, often stressed, travellers to have the space and digital tools to help guests take time for themselves, to relax, rejuvenate their mind & body, and sleep better.

Novotel believes everyone should be able to take a moment to unwind in their hotels, creating the perfect environment to experience and enjoy Calm.

Calm is the #1 App for meditation, sleep, relaxation.

Calm helps you enhance sleep, reduce anxiety and improve overall quality of life.

Now, another reason to look forward to your stay at Novotel. All guests at Novotel enjoy a complimentary 60 days of Calm, unlocking all app premium content: meditations, sleep stories, calming nature scenes, breathing programs, music and much more…

60 days complimentary registration details available in-room.

Share your relaxation moments with #TimeIsOnYourSide.

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Orchard District, 26 - 28 Stevens Road,
Singapore 257878
Tel: +65 6491 6100
Fax: +65 6491 6085

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