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Sustainability on Stevens

Acting for People and the Planet

Working together for a better future.


Accor is deeply committed to sustainable value creation, and plays an active role in giving back to the planet and the community. The Group strives to act for “positive hospitality” and has set ambitious objectives, structured around four strategic pillars: working with our teams, involving our clients, innovating with our partners, and involving local communities. And two key areas of focus: food and buildings.

At Novotel Singapore on Stevens, we care deeply about the ever-rising global warming situation. We have taken a firm stand on reducing our carbon footprint through a series of actions in our operational routines. The use of biodegradable straws, partnership with local organisations and donating recyclable materials to put to creative use are some of the actions we have to protect the environment.

Read on, to find out more about our initiatives.

“Clean for Green” Housekeeping Policy

In our efforts to conserve water and other resources, kindly note that our housekeeping services will be provided on the second night of your stay and subsequently, every other day.

Eliminate Single-use Plastic

Novotel Singapore on Stevens has signed the PACT agreement with WWF to gradually reduce and remove all plastics in nature by 2030.

• No plastic straws

• No plastic bottles in meeting rooms

• Bio-degradable takeaway boxes and cutleries

In all of our dining outlets of our lush dual-property, plastic straws have been successfully replaced with paper straws. For takeaways, degradable takeaway boxes and cutleries are provided whilst the Hotel constantly explores new and better solutions for both our guests and the planet. With 9 meeting spaces and ball rooms, plastic bottles is a concern that has been addressed with the provision of glass bottles and cups that are readily available for in-house guests utilising the space.

Refreshing & Tasteful Filtered Water

Need a drink? Use a reusable bottle and help us eliminate single-use plastic from your experience. We understand that some of us may still have reservations in consuming water directly from the tap. For your peace of mind, we have installed a water filtration system. Refill your bottle with the filtered tap water to keep you hydrated while you are out.

We hope that this has given you a fresh perspective and convinced you to consume tap water as we do.

Dispensable Soap and Shampoo

                        (Novotel Singapore on Stevens_Soap and Shampoo)                  

In an effort to eliminate single-use plastic, shampoo and body soap in our guest rooms bathroom are replaced with refillable pump bottles instead of the conventional disposable to avoid waste from single-use bottles.


Planet-Positive Amenities

Our guest rooms bathroom dry amenities are changed to natural kraft packaging to eliminate the use of plastic and save the environment.

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