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Get ready to reel into a fin-tastic weekend, showcasing the majestic king of the sea in a sensational crustacean spectacle.Brace yourself for a shell-ebration of epic proportions! LobsterMania takes over Food Exchange every weekend, offering a decadent buffet unlike any other. Dive headfirst into a world of luxurious lobster creations, each showcasing the king of the sea in a dazzling display of flavour. Savour the velvety richness of classic Lobster Bisque to the sophisticated flavours of Lobster Pasta with Truffle & Mushroom Cream and Lobster Thermidor. For the adventurous palate, fiery Chili Lobster with pillowy mantou buns promises a taste bud explosion.

But LobsterMania doesn’t stop there! Craft your own culinary masterpiece with the DIY Lobster Kueh Pie Tee station. Fill these delicate pastry shells with succulent lobster and a symphony of other flavourful ingredients to create the perfect bite. Beyond the lobster, expect a bounty of oceanic delights and Roast Carvery Stations to complement your feast.


Fridays & Saturdays
6:00 pm to 9:30 pm
$158 for 2 diners | $98 per diner | Kids below 12 years old dine free!


For those looking to add a touch of luxury to your experience, top-up just $68 per diner for Bottomless Booze!


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