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Drinking Water

Singapore’s tap water is safe for consumption.

At Novotel Singapore on Stevens and Mercure Singapore on Stevens, we care deeply about the ever-rising global warming situation. We have taken a firm stand on reducing our carbon footprint through a series of actions in our operational routines.

The use of biodegradable straws (such as paper and pasta straws), partnership with local organisations and donating recyclable materials to put to creative use are some of the actions we have to protect the environment.

We have moved on to the next phase of our commitment to the environment by removing plastic bottled water from our rooms. We encourage you to support is in this movement by simply, drinking from the tap!

Did you know?

Each plastic bottle used clocks 0.083 kilograms of carbon emission. While it may seem insignificant, our 772-rooms properties use close to 1,000 bottles of water daily, totalling approximately 365,000 plastic bottles and 30,295 kilograms of carbon emissions a year! Just as it was a shock to you, the overwhelming numbers forced us to relook into alternatives to the indestructible PET bottles.

It did not take long for us to realise that the solution was right under everyone’s noses – Singapore’s precious tap water.

Now that we have the age-old question answered, we invite you to join our cause by indulging in the crisp water that flows from the taps in our rooms.

We understand that some of us may still have reservations in consuming water directly from the tap. For your peace of mind, we have installed a water filtration system. You may refill your own bottle with the filtered tap water to keep you hydrated while you are out.

We hope that this has given you a fresh perspective and convinced you to consume tap water as we do.

Find out more about Singapore’s drinking water here.

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